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when will i got my payment my payment status. when will i got my payment from zagl Earn Money With URL Shortener

If you requested payment then please wait for 24 hour.

generally, The amount will be paid within 1 days (24 Hours).

payment status

Pending: The payment is being checked by our team.
Approved: The payment has been approved and is waiting to be sent.
Complete: The payment has been successfully sent to your payment account.
Cancelled: The payment has been cancelled.
Returned: The payment has been returned to your account.

There are various reasons why your payment may be returned to your account. The most common scenario occurs when a payer sends the funds in a different currency than the one selected in the payment request. Flywire maintains different accounts for different currencies, and our bank may reject your payment if you sent a currency different from the one you selected when you made your payment request.

If a payment is rejected, it will be returned to the originating account automatically.

Please note, if your payment is returned, the bank may charge you for any extra costs due to foreign exchange fees. When sending the funds to Flywire, it is very important to ensure that your bank sends the currency that you selected when you made your payment request.

Your payment could be returned for other reasons, as well. If your payment is returned, contact your bank directly. They will be able to provide you with specific information and a detailed reason for the returned payment.

zagl Requirements and Restrictions:

  • Do not create multiple accounts on zagl.
  • Do not promote or advertise Zagl on any PTC sites
  • Don’t click on your own zagl links.
  • Don’t use any fake traffic like a proxy, VPN or any other fake traffic to zagl links
  • Don’t place zagl links on any website containing any illegal content
  • Do not shorten any website if it is containing any illegal content like pornography etc.
  • Don’t create a redirect loop
  • Don’t spam any blog using the ZAgl link

Best features offered by zagl:-

  • Offers very high referral commission
  • Decent CPM rates
  • Minimum cash-out limit is only $2
  • Quick payments
  • Good customer support
  • Easy to sign up zagl account
  • Multiple payment methods to pay its users
  • Daily payments
  • Live stats
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